August 17, 2023

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Sandra Bullock ‘upset’ over Michael Oher’s lawsuit

Sandra Bullock’s facing accusations of basing film ‘The Blind Side’ on lies

By Betty Cruise August 17, 2023
Sandra Bullock ‘upset’ over Michael Oher’s lawsuit
Sandra Bullock ‘upset’ over Michael Oher’s lawsuit

Sandra Bullock is “heartbroken”.

According to a report, Sandra Bullock is upset by suggestions that The Blind Side may have been based on a falsehood.

In court records, Michael Oher, the 37-year-old offensive tackle who served as the model for the popular 2009 film, alleged that Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy were never actually his adoptive parents.

The Tuohy family, for their part, has referred to Oher's filing as "hurtful."

In the movie for which she won an Oscar, Bullock played the role of Leigh Anne, and she is now reportedly "heartbroken" over the terrible information.

“There was so much hard work put into the film that they all thought was the truth and now that has been questioned, it just upsets Sandra to no end that a time in her life was so special, is now shadowed with a completely different perspective,” a source told the Daily Mail.

The insider continued, saying the actress "hates that such a wonderful story, a spectacular movie, and a spectacular time in her life now has been tainted." The actress recently lost her longtime companion Bryan Randall after a private struggle with ALS.

“Now people won’t watch it and if they do, they will have a completely different reaction to its original intention,” the source added.

Bullock is reportedly “putting up a strong face and a strong front” as the fallout continues to plague what she thought was the truth.”

“It has been a rough patch for her emotionally with the loss of Bryan, and now she is heartbroken in a different way with all the fallout from the Michael Oher news,” the source added.

Emphasizing how Sandra is “figuring out how to move forward from it all,” the source explains that “it is just going to take a little bit, but emotions are very high right now for Sandra and she is looking forward to better days ahead.”