Doja Cat's 'very much in love' with current beau, shares with Harper's Bazaar

Doja Cat's secretive dating life revealed as she confesses to being smitten in Harper's Bazaar cover

By Betty Cruise August 17, 2023
Doja Cat breaks silence on love life in Harpers Bazaar icons feature.
Doja Cat breaks silence on love life in Harper's Bazaar icons feature.

In the upcoming September edition of Harper's Bazaar icons, Doja Cat takes center stage alongside other notable personalities such as Kendall Jenner and Paul Mescal.

Doja Cat known for her chart-topping tracks, opened up about her usually private romantic life in a rare interview. 

Rumors have been circulating that she is romantically involved with comedian and Vine star Jeffrey 'J' Cyrus, with the duo first making waves as a couple back in November, as captured in images obtained by Daily Mail.

In the interview, Doja Cat expressed her enthusiasm for love, stating, "I love love."

The multi-talented artist admitted to having a past tendency for serial dating, acknowledging that this facet of her personality still exists to some degree.

However, her current phase of life has brought about a transformation, and she shared, "But right now I'm in a different place in my life where I am very committed and very much in love in a different way than before."

Delving deeper into her personal growth, Doja Cat reflected on her evolution, noting, "I think I've evolved. I'm learning to love myself, so the way that I love other people is very different." 

She emphasized that she has transcended the feeling of being a "lost little teen," now embracing the confident identity of a woman who is stepping into her own.

Addressing her new single Attention, which features her rap skills, Doja Cat characterized it as an introduction to her upcoming musical endeavors. 

She revealed that her forthcoming album is geared towards introspection, yet she's careful not to make it monotonous, striving to strike a balance between meaningful storytelling and lively beats.