August 14, 2023

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Zachary Levi slams Hollywood ‘Garbage,’ Studios ‘Don’t Care Enough’

Zachary Levi talks openly about Hollywood ‘garbage’ at Chicago Fan Expo

By Ellen James August 14, 2023
Zachary Levi slams Hollywood ‘Garbage,’ Studios ‘Don’t Care Enough’
Zachary Levi slams Hollywood ‘Garbage,’ Studios ‘Don’t Care Enough’

Zachary Levi can’t keep it to himself anymore.

During a speech at the Chicago Fan Expo, "Shazam!" actor Zachary Levi denounced Hollywood "garbage". The actor advised those in attendance to "actively not choose" to look for bad films. "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," Levi's own 2023 release, is one of the biggest studio flops of the year.

“I personally feel like the amount of content that comes out of Hollywood that is garbage — they don’t care enough to actually make it great for you guys. They don’t,” Levi said.

“How many times do you watch a trailer and go, ‘Oh my god, this looks so cool!’ Then you go to the movie and it’s like, ‘This was what I get?'”

“They know that once you’ve already bought the ticket and you’re in the seat, they’ve got your money,” he continued.

“And the only way for us to change any of it is to not go to the garbage. We have to actively not choose the garbage. It’ll help. It’ll help a lot.”

"Fury of the Gods" barely made $57 million domestically earlier this year, largely due to the audience's disregard. "Fury of the Gods" failed to gross even $160 million worldwide.

In a recent episode of "The FilmUp Podcast," Levi expressed his confusion with the movie's box office performance because he thought the sequel was terrific.

“I don’t know what the future holds for it all because, unfortunately, the second movie was not as well received,” Levi said.

“The audience score is still quite good, but the critics’ score was very oddly and perplexingly low, and people were insanely unkind.”

“I’ve been a part of things, and as much as I wish they were good, I know they’re okay,” he added.

“I know that they miss a lot. And I’m not saying ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ is some perfect, Orson Welles-like masterpiece, but it’s a good darn movie.”