August 12, 2023


Helen Flanagan dips back into dating waters after split

Helen Flanagan holds onto engagement ring despite split from Scott Sinclair

By Ellen James August 12, 2023
Helen Flanagan ventures into dating again post Scott Sinclair split.
Helen Flanagan ventures into dating again post Scott Sinclair split.

Helen Flanagan has reportedly reentered the dating sphere, a year following her separation from Scott Sinclair. 

This development has arisen despite her ongoing wear of the engagement ring, which symbolizes her past relationship. 

The former Coronation Street actress had confessed to her emotional struggles while awaiting a proposal from her ex-fiancé Scott, acknowledging her behavior as an 'absolute psycho.'

As per The Sun's report, Helen has embarked on a series of dates with an undisclosed companion, albeit their connection appears to have fizzled out. 

An insider revealed that Helen is indeed venturing into the dating scene once again, having encountered a secret lover with whom she enjoyed a fluctuating dynamic.

The source emphasized the casual nature of these interactions, noting that Helen is deliberately taking things slowly and doesn't seek anything serious. 

This new phase signifies Helen Flanagan's cautious exploration of romantic connections, as she navigates the complexities of post-breakup life.

Despite her split from Scott, Helen Flanagan has chosen to keep her engagement ring, finding a new place for it on her right hand. 

Helen still cherishes the ring's beauty, leading her to wear it on a different finger.

The soap star has recently opened up about her separation for the first time, recalling the time when she ended her engagement to the footballer last summer.

In a series of pre-recorded clips posted on her Instagram Story, Helen offered insights into her life since the breakup and the considerable adjustments she's faced as a single mother of three.