'Flipping The El Moussas' is back with S2 despite controversy

Tarek El Moussa and wife Heather return for 'Flipping The El Moussas'

By George Johnson August 11, 2023
El Moussas resume filming amidst North Hollywood apartment controversy.
El Moussas resume filming amidst North Hollywood apartment controversy.

Tarek El Moussa and his spouse, Heather Rae El Moussa, displayed upbeat expressions as they commenced filming for the second season of their popular HGTV show, The Flipping El Moussas. 

The couple was captured on camera outside a residence in Cerritos, California, during a shoot on Wednesday.

Heather shared a friendly fist bump with a colleague while positioned curbside, drawing attention as her husband wore a beaming smile nearby. 

She was wearing a pair of jeans, a vibrant blue tank top, and comfortable sneakers. 

Carrying a tote bag and a sizeable white Stanley cup water bottle, she seemed ready to tackle the day's tasks. 

Tarek sported his signature hat and sunglasses, appeared relaxed in a fitted black shirt, trousers, and checkered sneakers.

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding their plans for an apartment complex in North Hollywood, the El Moussas appeared undeterred and focused on their TV project.

The couple's proposed apartment building project has generated significant debate due to its potential impact on current tenants residing in rent-controlled bungalows on the North Hollywood property.

The situation has escalated with eviction notices being issued to these residents, who are steadfastly opposing the pressure to vacate their homes.

The tenants residing in the bungalows, a diverse group that includes two disabled residents, an expectant couple, and a 78-year-old woman with decades-long ties to the property, have staunchly declared, "we're not budging." 

Expressing their collective stance to DailyMail.com, they're resolute in their demand for equitable treatment, insisting that any compensation offered must go beyond mere token amounts.