August 11, 2023

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Amy robach signs millon dollar NewsNation show, ex-lover T.J. being considered

Amy Robach eyed for 'Robach & Co.' set to release in January

By Betty Cruise August 11, 2023
Amy Robach nears million-dollar tv deal for weekly on-air role amidst controversy.
Amy Robach nears million-dollar tv deal for weekly on-air role amidst controversy.

Amy Robach is reportedly on the verge of finalizing a high-profile million-dollar contract for a new gig.

According to inside sources, Amy Robach's impending role will see her on the screen just once a week. The potential employer in question is NewsNation, a prominent network known for its news coverage.

The initial plans put forth by NewsNation to pair Robach with her partner T.J. Holmes on air have taken an unexpected turn. 

Exclusive details obtained by Daily Mail reveal that the network has decided against incorporating Holmes into its lineup, leaving him without a spot on the station. 

These concerns are centered around the network potentially becoming a platform for anchoring individuals with tarnished reputations. 

Insiders from within the network have expressed their reservations to higher-ups, apprehensive that the network could be perceived as a "dumping ground" for anchors who have faced past professional setbacks.

Recent departures of Chris Stirewalt and Chris Cuomo from NewsNation finds itself grappling with yet another potential reputational challenge. 

The news of Amy Robach's prospective inclusion within the network has sparked discussions among insiders, who fear that the network's image might be compromised. 

"While Amy undoubtedly possesses talent," a source within NewsNation disclosed to, "there is a growing apprehension within our ranks. 

It's starting to feel like we're becoming a destination for those who can't secure more substantial positions at other outlets." 

Robach and T.J. Holmes were dismissed by ABC for failing to disclose their extramarital affair. 

Both previously married were suspended from their co-anchor roles on GMA3 following revelations of their relationship, brought to light when they were photographed together on a retreat in New York's Shawangunk Mountains just before Thanksgiving.

Insiders from within NewsNation have revealed that the company initially explored the possibility of bringing both on board shortly after their departure from ABC.