August 09, 2023


Cardi B’s thrown microphone lands at charity for $100k

Cardi B’s video of hurling microphone at fan at concert for throwing liquid surfaced recently

By Ellen James August 09, 2023

Cardi B’s thrown microphone is serving a good purpose.

The microphone that rapper Cardi B famously threw into a crowd and made headlines for has now been sold on eBay for nearly $100,000 (£78,500).

The owner of a business that rents out audio equipment held the auction and promised to donate all proceeds to a good cause.

According to Scott Fisher, he had initially thought that the bidding would top $5,000.

After a fan tossed a drink at her at a concert in Las Vegas, it was captured on camera that Cardi threw the microphone. According to police, the celebrity won't be charged.

As soon as the video became public, Mr Fisher decided to advertise the notorious item for sale in response to the uproar. $99,900 was eventually the winning bid.

The Wounded Warrior Project, a veterans' organisation, and Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which pairs together young volunteers with people with disabilities and special needs, will also benefit from the revenues, according to Mr Fisher.

"I figured it would gain some attention nationally but the amount of news coverage has been staggering."

He claimed to have confirmed that the mic being sold is in fact the same one that Cardi was using at the time.

"It's standard procedure to mark all microphones and in-ear systems as to whom they 'go to' prior to soundcheck, to make sure the same person gets the correct items during the show," he told CBS News.

"You could see white tape on the Cardi B mic in all the videos, and that is how we knew which mic was hers."