August 09, 2023


Chad Michael Murray recalls Britney Spears performance in 'Freaky Friday'

Chad Michael Murray remembers awakening neighbours during movies night shoots

By Ellen James August 09, 2023
Chad Michael Murray recollects midnight singing mishap during Freaky Friday shoot.
Chad Michael Murray recollects midnight singing mishap during 'Freaky Friday' shoot.

Chad Michael Murray, known for his endearing role in Freaky Friday, chuckled as he recounted a slightly sheepish episode from two decades ago. 

The beloved movie, celebrating its 20th anniversary this Sunday, features Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother-daughter duo who magically swap bodies.

During an exclusive interview with Vulture to mark this significant milestone, the actor reflected on one of his standout moments as Lindsay Lohan's on-screen love interest. 

In the film, Murray's character appears outside Lindsay's window in the dead of night, aiming to captivate her heart with a terrible rendition of Britney Spears' hit ...Baby One More Time.

Chad explained that the scene was shot in a serene neighbourhood already lulled into sleep. He confessed, "We shot it in a neighborhood where everyone was already asleep. I felt so bad for them."

In an amusing anecdote, former One Tree Hill star shared, "They were none too pleased with our lights and me terribly belting Britney Spears at all hours of the night." 

The singing scene that caused the suburban slumber disruption wasn't originally planned. 

He revealed that he received the scene "the night before filming," highlighting how the impromptu moment was introduced. 

Paying homage to the classic boombox scene from Say Anything, director Mark Waters incorporated the Britney Spears element. 

When Chad expressed reservations about his singing skills, Waters quipped, "Even better!"