August 09, 2023


HyunA and Jeon Somi's unexpected KISS in new video

HyunA and Somi shared matching tattoos on social media

By Betty Cruise August 09, 2023
HyunA and Jeon Somi ignite buzz with surprise on-screen PDA.
HyunA and Jeon Somi ignite buzz with surprise on-screen PDA.

Solo sensations HyunA and Jeon Somi have set the internet ablaze with a recent on-screen kiss captured in their latest video. 

In the clip, a seemingly affectionate moment captured the two artists sharing an intimate kiss. Initially, Somi planted a tender kiss on HyunA's cheek, but what ensued was beyond anyone's anticipation. 

HyunA turned, leading to an unanticipated kiss that landed directly on each other's lips.

Just days prior, the dynamic duo had already stirred curiosity with an Instagram snapshot showcasing their tight bond – side by side, displaying matching gun tattoos positioned in a strikingly similar fashion. 

The post was cryptically captioned with a simple yet suggestive emoji sequence.

However, the electrifying update didn't stop there. HyunA, ever the supportive friend, graced Jeon Somi's comeback release party for her new album GAME PLAN and its chart-topping title track Fast Forward

Fans were treated to a surprise when HyunA shared an endearing selfie with Somi on her Instagram account, accompanied by a motivating message that oozed camaraderie and encouragement.

HyunA encouraged Somi to relish her success and showcase the hard work she has diligently poured in. The message read, "Congrats, Somi! Eat well and show them everything you put together so diligently! — HyunA."