August 07, 2023


LA rapper Lil Sodi dead in horrific car crash

LA rapper Lil Sodi was better known for his beef with other rappers than his music

By Betty Cruise August 07, 2023
Lil Sodi reportedly died in a car crash
Lil Sodi reportedly died in a car crash 

LA rapper Lil Sodi has passed away in a reported car crash.

As per Afroman, the musician, who was a rising artist with association with the Crips street gang, was in the midst of working on several projects.

In a post on Instagram, the Grammy-nominated musician confirmed that Sodi, whose real name is Madsodi Simpson, passed away but did not confirm the cause of death.

In a touching post, he paid tribute to the late rapper, whom he was in the midst of a tour with.

His post garnered the attention of other rappers in the fraternity. 

"Some of the worst news of an incredible human being! Damn sure gonna miss you Sodi. Condolences to your family," the Gang Starr legend wrote in the comments of Afroman’s post.

While the late rapper should have been known for his music, he was largely associated with his beef with other rappers.

Additionally, with his beef with Nipsey Hustle, which culminated into a song called F**k Nipsey, he also was embroiled in a public brawl back in June with Afroman and Young Buck.

As per reports, the former G-Unit rapper refused to leave the stage after finishing his performance which resulted in a heated argument and brawl with Lil Sodi after Buck attacked him in the VIP section of the venue.