August 04, 2023

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NBC and Bravo accused of covering sexual violence and exploiting minors

NBC universal accused of 'Grotesque and Depraved Mistreatment' of stars

By Betty Cruise August 04, 2023
Explosive letter accuses NBC and Bravo reality show stars of disturbing mistreatment.
Explosive letter accuses NBC and Bravo reality show stars of disturbing mistreatment.

NBC Universal and Bravo are facing serious allegations as reality show stars come forward with a bombshell letter obtained by DailyMail.

The letter accuses the networks of covering up sexual violence, endorsing revenge porn, exploiting minors, and denying crucial mental health treatment for their stars.

The claims which span across both current and former stars, describe a harrowing environment where individuals were allegedly subjected to "grotesque and depraved mistreatment."

According to the letter, the reality stars claim they have been victims of mental, physical, and financial exploitation. 

What's more, they allege that speaking out against the mistreatment has resulted in threats of ruin, leaving them in a vulnerable position.

One prominent figure at the forefront of the movement against the networks is reality star Bethenny Frankel, who is said to have "led the charge" against NBC and Bravo. 

Just weeks before, Frankel had publicly criticized executives for capitalizing on the aspirations of "young, doe-eyed talent" desperate to make it in the television industry.

With a powerful opening line declaring, "The day of reckoning has arrived," the letter accuses network executives of deliberately subjecting cast members to actions that could harm their mental health. 

Allegedly, stars were given alcohol excessively and deprived of adequate food and sleep, leading to detrimental effects on their well-being.

Moreover, the letter contends that when cast members expressed concerns or complaints about their experiences, they were purportedly denied access to essential mental health treatment, despite showing clear signs of struggle. 

According to sources cited by, the letter has been supported by over 100 emails from talent, producers, and showrunners, all pointing to the same concerning issues. 

Showrunners are accused of either distributing or condoning the distribution of non-consensual pornography, while also being accused of covering up incidents of sexual violence.