August 04, 2023


Lizzo accuser 'wants to follow her footsteps' despite alleged incidents

Lizzo accuser speaks highly of singer amid allegations

By Ellen James August 04, 2023
Lizzo lawsuit plaintiff gushes over singer despite allegations.
Lizzo lawsuit plaintiff gushes over singer despite allegations.

One of the women involved in the lawsuit against Lizzo has been caught on video praising the singer, despite claiming to have been mistreated by her. 

TMZ has obtained a video recorded in April 2023, featuring plaintiff Arianna Davis showering Lizzo with admiration. 

In the video, Davis expresses her deep admiration for Lizzo, calling her journey "amazing" and expressing her desire to follow in the singer's footsteps, referring to her as "Queen Lizzo."

Lizzo's lawyer, Marty Singer, has responded to the video, asserting that Davis's praise does not align with the words of someone who has experienced harassment or discrimination. 

Singer points out that the video was recorded after the European leg of Lizzo's tour and after Season 1 of Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, a show in which Davis participated.

Two of the plaintiffs, Arianna Davis and Crystal Williams, made an appearance on TMZ Live on Tuesday, where they acknowledged being dismissed from their positions after Lizzo's team expressed concerns about their dancing not meeting the required standards.

Lizzo addressed the situation on Thursday morning, "These sensationalized stories are being propagated by former employees who have already admitted publicly that their behavior on tour was deemed inappropriate and unprofessional."

Marty Singer, Lizzo's lawyer, also weighed in on the matter, asserting, "A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, a video clearly demonstrates that there are no legitimate claims in this lawsuit. 

We have full confidence that Lizzo will be fully exonerated in this matter."