August 02, 2023


Keke Palmer foregoes setting 'unrealistic' body standards, asks to be realistic

Keke Palmer is prioritizing her career and investing in it

By Ellen James August 02, 2023
Keke Palmer foregoes setting unrealistic body standards, asks to be realistic

Keke Palmer foregoes setting 'unrealistic' body standards, asks to be realistic

Keke Palmer is being honest with herself about her decision to invest in her body and health.

The 29-year-old host of the podcast Baby, This Is Keke Palmer shared her motivation for exercising in the episode that aired on August 1. "It is my job. Let’s not get crazy — I don’t want people thinking that I am setting unrealistic standards. I can afford a trainer, meal prep, and a lot of things." She confided to celebrity trainer Corey Calliet.

She continued, "It is expensive but I am investing in my career because it is my career to look good. Not even is it my career to look good, it is my career choice to have the kind of career that I want to have."

The actress from Nope insisted that sticking to her routine is a "personal choice." She clarified that she doesn't want her followers to feel under pressure to measure up to her standards or those of Hollywood.

"I never want to put it on anybody," the mom of one began. "I always want to make it clear that when I am talking about fitness, health, and wellness is that, ‘Your journey is your journey. You figure it out the way you can.’ And when you look at these celebrities and people in the industry, know that it is their job."

Palmer discussed how she's had to refocus after the birth of her son before getting to that part of the conversation.

"It’s interesting — after the baby — to see all the extra stuff I have to work with, and how much my fear of having extra weight actually became a strength as it pertained to weight training and working out," she explained.