August 02, 2023


From where to buy Taylor Swift's LA concert tickets?

Swifties are furious to know from where to get concert tickets before they are completely sold out

By Madison Raymond August 02, 2023
From where to buy Taylor Swifts LA concert tickets?
From where to buy Taylor Swift's LA concert tickets?

Your Wildest Dreams may include Taylor Swift tickets, but when hunting for them online, use caution.

Swifties are all too aware that Taylor Swift will be at So-Fi stadium just a few miles up Interstate 5 in two days. One might be having a terrible time trying to find tickets online because she'll be there for six shows.

If you're not careful while finding tickets for her show a scam designed to take advantage of your affection for Taylor Swift could cost you your money.

This is the summer's biggest event, and many people were unable to purchase tickets for the Eras Tour.

As a result, scammers target you because many of you are scouring the internet for that much sought-after ticket.

The sale of event tickets has allegedly been the subject of 18,609 complaints since January 2022, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Keep in mind that it is illegal to sell and buy concert tickets on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook Marketplace. Therefore, ignore any offers you see there.

Be Careful of the following before purchasing Taylor Swift's show tickets:

  • Keep in mind that using a credit card to purchase your ticket is preferable because it offers protection if you need to get your money back.
  • Avoid using online payment services like Zelle or Venmo to make payments. It's the same as giving someone cash, and if you're scammed, there's a good chance you won't be able to get your money back.

Experts claim about Eras Tour tickets:

  • You should only purchase from reputable, skilled reseller sites.
  • Study the cost of the tickets.
  • Inquire about the seller's return policy.

Additionally, experts advise double-checking the ticket's date and time as well as the seat number. Keep in mind that anything that seems too wonderful to be true certainly is. The BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, and the attorney general's office are all places where you can file a complaint.