August 02, 2023


Watch: Jason Momoa Delightfully wishes himself Happy Birthday

Jason Momoa is celebrating his 44th birthday this year

By Madison Raymond August 02, 2023
Jason Momoa Delightfully wishes himself Birthday: Happy Birthday to Me
Jason Momoa Delightfully wishes himself Birthday: 'Happy Birthday to Me'

Mother Nature gave Jason Momoa a present for his birthday this year.

The Game of Thrones actor turned 44 on Tuesday, and it snowed. Momoa captured the snow falling as he made his way to a hot tub in a video that was uploaded to Instagram.

He smiled and added, "Happy birthday to me," while carrying a bottle of Mananalu Water, a brand he founded.

Momoa walked outside and questioned someone off-camera, "What the hell is going on?" He then turned the camera to show the audience the trees and deck in front of him that were blanketed in snow.

The Fast X actor trembled but had a wide smile on his face as he lowered himself into the jacuzzi, and he and his buddies appeared to be laughing.

"Look at that, August 1st," he said, watching the weather. "Never in my life — 44 years — did I ever get in a hot tub and it’s snowing baby."

Momoa let out a scream before taking a sip of his drink: "Cheers everybody, love you."

The actor visited New Zealand for his birthday and posted pictures of snow-capped mountains.

"One of my favorite places on Earth, South Island, New Zealand," Momoa said. "Wow. All my love."

This occurs only a few days after the conclusion of the 35th annual Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which Momoa hosted this year. Before that, he told People magazine that he had "begged to do it for a while now. We have likely been attempting to achieve it since 2018.

Momoa said he was grateful he "could squeeze" recording in New Zealand within the filming of his new Apple TV+ series Chief of War because up until this year, his schedule prevented him from accepting this dream job.