August 02, 2023


Stephen Amell retracts comments calling SAG strike 'reductive,' 'myopic'

Stephen Amell landed in fire over the weekend after claiming he doesn't support actors strike

By Jean Valjean August 02, 2023
Stephen Amell retracts comments calling SAG strike reductive, myopic
Stephen Amell retracts comments calling SAG strike 'reductive,' 'myopic'

Stephen Amell has released a statement in a bit to control the damage done by his views on the ongoing SAG strike.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, the former Arrow star defended his disapproval of the actors’ strike, which he called "myopic" and a "reductive negotiating tactic" at GalaxyCon in North Carolina over the weekend.

"To ensure there is no misunderstanding about my thoughts and intentions I'm providing what I actually said and clarity/context to ensure my feelings aren't unintentionally misinterpreted," he wrote.

He acknowledged that his statements claiming he "supports" his union, while also saying he doesn’t like "striking" were contradictory, as he explained: "I’m an actor and I was speaking extemporaneously for over an hour.

"I emote, but I certainly don’t think these issues are simple. Our leadership has an incredibly complicated job and I am grateful for all that they do," Amell continued. "Despite some of my terrible early acting work, I assure you, I’m not a robot. From an intellectual perspective, I understand why we are striking, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t emotionally frustrating on many levels for all involved."

The actor’s real frustration stems from his inability to promote his upcoming Starz series Heels. "I'm simply sad that we don't have a chance to celebrate a show that all of us figuratively and I literally, broke my back for."

"However, at least for the foreseeable future, I choose to stand with my union," he wrote. "When you see me on a picket line please don't whip any hard fruit."