Sofía Vergara divorce: Joe Manganiello was 'unsupportive partner'

Sofía Vergara seeks to retain jewellery, artwork, and earnings in divorce battle

By Jean Valjean August 02, 2023
Sofía Vergara counters Joe Manganiellos divorce filing, requests prenup enforcement.
Sofía Vergara counters Joe Manganiello's divorce filing, requests prenup enforcement.

Hollywood star Sofía Vergara has issued a response to Joe Manganiello's divorce filing, stating "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind their split. 

The sentiments of an unsupportive partnership have surfaced, with insiders describing her current life as "living her best life" compared to the stifling atmosphere of her previous relationship.

In her legal documents filed on Monday, Vergara also requested the enforcement of their prenuptial agreement, ensuring spousal support will be determined according to its terms, which have not been made public.

According to the documents obtained by Page Six, Sofía made it clear that certain possessions and earnings belong exclusively to her. "Miscellaneous jewelry, artwork, and other personal effects," as well as any earnings she acquired before, during, and after their date of separation, are to remain under her ownership.

The division of communal property between the estranged couple will adhere to the prenuptial agreement. 

Additionally, both Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara have mutually agreed to cover their respective attorney's fees, thus avoiding potential legal disputes over payment responsibilities.

On July 17, Page Six broke the news of the end of the Hollywood power couple Joe Manganiello, 46, and Sofía Vergara, 51's, seven-year marriage. 

Insiders revealed that the Spider-Man actor had been experiencing a gradual drift in their relationship. Despite trying to work through their differences, they ultimately concluded that parting ways was the best course of action.

Merely days after the announcement, Joe Manganiello initiated the divorce proceedings while Sofía Vergara was still celebrating her birthday in Italy. 

Upon returning to Los Angeles, she was greeted by heartfelt bouquets of flowers from supportive friends, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere amidst the life-changing decision.