Angus Cloud confesses being 'paranoid' because of Euphoria fame

Euphoria famed star Angus Cloud dies at the age of 25

By Maryland Hargreaves August 01, 2023
Angus Cloud confesses being ‘paranoid’ because of Euphoria fame

Angus Cloud confesses being ‘paranoid’ because of Euphoria fame

The Euphoria star, Angus Cloud, talked openly about the unexpected feeling of fame just a few months before his tragic death at age 25.

"I don't like people noticing me on the street," he admitted to i-D in March. "I'm really paranoid. I feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder."

"I do always show love to people who approach me, but some people just run up and just shove their phone in my face. Dude, I'm not a clown at a carnival," he added. "But I love when people ask for my autograph. It's only happened a couple times."

Cloud admitted that he was surprised by the success of the HBO blockbuster series in which he starred as heroin dealer Fezco, saying, "The difference between me and everyone else who's famous it's that they were trying to go get famous, for the most part."

He continued, "They were working hard, and they were like, ‘I'm going to make it to the top.’ For me, it was just like too good of an opportunity to say no to. I had no idea it would go this far."

While residing in Brooklyn, New York, Cloud didn't want recognition, but he was found on the street.

"I definitely thought it could be some kind of scam," he recalled. "But I ended up getting the agent’s phone number because she seemed real legit. They asked my buddy to come in too, and he said 'No, f--- that, it’s bulls---.'"

Cloud's family confirmed his death to People magazine on Monday: "It is with the heaviest heart that we had to say goodbye to an incredible human today," Cloud’s family said in a statement. "As an artist, a friend, a brother and a son, Angus was special to all of us in so many ways."