August 01, 2023


Prince Harry has an 'invaluable part' in Travalyst: 'His role hasn’t changed'

Prince Harry founded Travalyst, environmental tourism initiative, in 2019

By Madison Raymond August 01, 2023

Prince Harry has an 'invaluable part' in Travalyst: 'His role hasn’t changed'

Prince Harry is still dedicated to his Travalyst sustainable tourism project.

After Chief Executive Officer Sally Davey released a press release in May announcing a new "phase of growth" for the business and welcoming new board members without mentioning Prince Harry, 38, rumours that the British royal was leaving the company started to circulate.

"Today we formally mark the end of Travalyst's pilot phase with the appointment of a new Board to govern and guide us on our journey ahead to delivering major positive and system-changing impact," the May release explained.

"The Board is composed of individuals with world-class expertise in impact, systems change, not-for-profit governance, advocacy, and campaigning for a just and sustainable world."

The Duke of Sussex founded the environmental tourist initiative company in 2019, which Davey shared in a statement to People magazine makes him an "invaluable part" of the company.

"Prince Harry is the founder of Travalyst and remains an invaluable part of this organization," Davey said Monday. "His role has not changed in any way, and he is regularly involved in strategic discussions and decisions alongside our partners and Board." Also, Prince Harry’s name is still listed on the company’s website as a founder and patron.

The Travalyst has a mission to help "both travelers and travel companies make better, greener choices," according to its website.

"I had a 7-year-old come up to me, tug my shirt, and say with such conviction: 'Because of your country, my country's coral reef is dying,'" Prince Harry explained in a September 2019 speech.

"This boy, despite his age, had touched on a powerful truth. He already understood that the environmental damage caused to the reef was created by the actions of people outside of his country. And he was absolutely spot on," he added. "His words deeply affected me because they revealed the full impact outsiders can have on a community without even realizing it."