Inside Angus Cloud's addiction battle: Euphoria creator begged him to 'fight for life'

Angus Cloud was exposed by his former manager for his alleged drug addiction back in April

By Betty Cruise August 01, 2023
Angus Cloud allegedly overdosed on prescription drugs months before death
Angus Cloud allegedly overdosed on prescription drugs months before death

Angus Cloud’s ex-talent manager laid bare the late actor’s addiction to prescription drugs in a Twitter exposé a few months before his passing.

In a lengthy social media thread in April, a man name Diomi Cordero detailed Cloud’s erratic behaviour due to his substance abuse, revealing that he once vomited on his face after being revived from an alleged overdose.

According to Cordero, the twosome first met at a rehab, where Cloud was admitted as a patient while he worked as a "mental health technician."

Following his treatment in the mental health facility, Cordero alleged that the Euphoria star relapsed only days after checkout.

"[Angus’ friends] reckless behavior and lack of regard for Angus’ recovery served as a significant obstacle to his progress," the talent manager alleged, "ultimately contributing to his relapse."

He also claimed that the HBO show creator Sam Levinson implored Cloud to "fight for his life."

While shooting the film Your Lucky Day in Oklahoma, Cloud allegedly suffered an overdose due to which he was struggling to breathe.

Cordero alleged that he rushed over to the actor, administered him Narcan and brought him back to life by performing CPR. "Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face," he tweeted.

The manager claimed that his behaviour towards him "became extremely abusive," adding that he "had gone to the extent of degrading me publicly in front of his friends & even my colleagues."

"In sharing my story, I hope to not only find solace & healing but to also inspire others who may be struggling to find their voice in an industry where most are silenced. I wanted to be a testament to the power of speaking up and owning one’s truth, even in the face of adversity," Cordero concluded his decry.

Cloud, who plays the beloved character of Fezco in Euphoria, has died.