'We Love You Auntie But STOP,' Erykah Badu called for shading Beyoncé

Erykah Badu accused Beyoncé for copying her tour style

By George Johnson August 01, 2023
Fans slam Erykah Badus claims of Beyoncé stealing her looks.
Fans slam Erykah Badu's claims of Beyoncé stealing her looks.

Neo-soul artist Erykah Badu has sparked controversy among fans of Beyoncé, with what appears to be an accusation of style imitation. 

Some Beyoncé supporters came to her defence, claiming that Badu was exaggerating the issue.

They pointed out that Beyoncé had been wearing different versions of such hats throughout her tour, with the metallic hat aligning with the Renaissance theme.

Those defending Badu also noted that Beyoncé has previously shown respect and admiration for iconic female artists, including Badu, in her music.

In one of her songs, BREAK MY SOUL (THE QUEENS REMIX), Beyoncé referenced Badu's name alongside other trailblazing Black women in the music industry, paying homage to their contributions.

On the other hand, some Beyoncé supporters maintained that the similarities in style were coincidental and that it is common for artists to draw inspiration from different sources.

They urged against making a big issue out of such similarities, emphasizing that creativity often involves building upon existing ideas.

The incident occurred on July 30 when Badu took to Instagram to react to one of Beyoncé's recent outfits during her Renaissance World Tour.

Badu shared a photo of Beyoncé donning an ensemble comprising an oversized T-shirt, knee-high camouflage boots, and a large silver hat with a significant brim that partially obscured her face. Alongside the photo, the 52-year-old singer wrote a simple but enigmatic "Hmm."

She captioned the post with, "I guess I’m everybody stylist," and added "I’m flattered" on the final slide.