Sinéad O’Connor was 'upset' in days leading up to death: Bob Geldof

Sinéad O’Connor passed away at the age of 56 last week

By Jean Valjean August 01, 2023
Sinéad O’Connor was upset in days leading up to death: Bob Geldof
Sinéad O’Connor was 'upset' in days leading up to death: Bob Geldof

Sinéad O’Connor’s death came as a shock to the world, considering she had only recently teased music and an elaborate tour.

The singer was announced dead on Wednesday, June 26, by her family, according to The Irish Times, at only 56 years old.

Despite her seemingly optimistic Facebook post about new music earlier this month, O’Connor’s life was marred by a number of grievances, encompassing mental and emotional challenges.

She had been publicly vocal about her several mental health issues, including bipolar disorder, post-traumatic complex stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

However, her last straw was losing her 17-year-old son Shane to suicide, after which she occasionally talked about the dark state of her mind in her tweets.

On Saturday, Bob Geldof, a friend of O’Connor, offered more insight into the songstress’ wellbeing at the Cavan Calling festival in Cavan, Ireland, revealing that they had been texting a few weeks before her death.

"She was a very good friend of mine," Geldof told the crowd, according to the Independent. "We were talking right up to a couple of weeks ago."

He explained that while some of her texts were "ecstatically happy," others were "desperation and despair and sorrow," noting that she was "like that."

As per the Irish Examiner, O’Connor and Geldof struck a close friendship in their childhood due to living in the same neighbourhood.

Besides her resilience through an abusive childhood and later grievances that followed, O’Connor was a notable public figure for her vocal advocacy of social issues.

She is survived by three children and one grandchild.