July 31, 2023


Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston share ‘funny ’Tributes for Sandra Bullock's Birthday

Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston has got respective ‘friendship’ with Sandra Bullock

By George Johnson July 31, 2023
Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston share ‘funny ’Tributes for Sandra Bullocks Birthday
Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston share ‘funny ’Tributes for Sandra Bullock's Birthday

Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Aniston are wishing Sandra Bullock a very happy 59th birthday.

Sandra Bullock recently celebrated her 59th birthday, and her well-known friends made sure to throw her a celebration worthy of her status. As a small NSFW birthday greeting, Ryan Reynolds shared Bullock's ‘bare body’ moment on Instagram.

They both co-starred in the 2009 movie The Proposal, and Reynolds shared a scene from it in which they unexpectedly cross paths while completely stripped. When Sandra Bullock's Margaret is looking for a towel after taking a shower in The Proposal, she trips and falls smack into Ryan Reynolds' Andrew, who has just taken off his running clothes.

According to Toofab, Jennifer Aniston shared some sweet and private moments with the Miss Congeniality star on her Instagram stories. 

"Happy Birthday Sand-a-La!!" the actress wrote over a picture of Bullock giving the thumbs up while holding a cup with The Morning Show's logo. Then, 54-year-old Aniston shared a picture of the two of them next to Friends co-star and close friend Courteney Cox. 

In her post, Aniston included three red heart emoticons and a resounding "WE LOVE YOU!!!". Bullock seems to have finished her earlier thought in a second photo of her and a friend with the caption "SO MUCH!"