Cardi B made MISTAKE ‘hurling’ mic at ‘drink throwing’ fan

Cardi B may have mistaken another fan for one who threw drink on her mid performance

By Ellen James July 31, 2023
Cardi B made MISTAKE ‘hurling’ mic at ‘drink throwing’ fan
Cardi B made MISTAKE ‘hurling’ mic at ‘drink throwing’ fan

Cardi B made a mistake.

Rapper Cardi B gained notoriety over the weekend after a concertgoer threw their drink at her. Now, a woman has come forward to say that she was actually struck by the microphone rather than the person who actually struck Cardi.

According to a woman who claimed that the "Bodak Yellow" singer struck her with her microphone during an outburst, the rapper thought she was the one who had thrown the drink at Cardi B, according to

The woman, whose TikTok username is paxybabyy, used the social media platform to post a video of the incident.

In the video, it appears that she was holding the camera while the person in front of her held her drink in the air and threw Cardi's way.

According to the angle of her video, the woman was obviously disturbed after Cardi reacted by throwing her microphone at the crowd.

She captioned the footage, "When you’re the one gets smoked by Cardi B microphone but didn’t throw the drink."

Another video of the incident, this time showing it from a little further back, was released by the woman on her Instagram Story. The video depicts a woman, possibly paxybabyy, standing just behind the person carrying the beverage in the air.

The second woman looked to move quickly to get away from the mic as Cardi flung it, which then appeared to land on the person holding the camera. Before security personnel led her out, however, someone else was spotted rapidly pointing out the proper offender.

The Grammy Award-winning musician was performing in Las Vegas on July 29 when the event happened. She became enraged by the individual who threw fluids from a cup at her mid-performance and took the stage at Drai's nightclub.