July 31, 2023


Sarah Ferguson seen for first time since undergoing breast cancer op

Sarah Ferguson was spotted with her ex-husband Prince Andrew for the first time after getting a mastectomy

By Melanie Aiden July 31, 2023

Sarah Ferguson underwent a single mastectomy after her breast cancer diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson was spotted out and about for the first time since being diagnosed and operated for breast cancer.

With her ex-husband Prince Andrew in tow, the Duchess of York was spotted in his car as he drove in Windsor.

The mother-of-two appeared to be relaxed as she donned a light blue top with a navy jacket while tying back her red locks to make her make-up free skin visible.

Andrew on the other hand appeared to be keeping warm as he was seen wearing a jacket.

Their appearance comes after the Duchess of York revealed to the world of her battle with breast cancer.

Calling it an "enormous friend" who she dubbed a "shield of protection" the Duchess opted for a single mastectomy at London’s King Edward VII Hospital last month.

She has seen kept a low profile as she recovered in her Royal Lodge residence in Windsor, who she shares with her ex-husband.

Earlier she appeared on her podcast Tea Talks and discussed the motions of going through with it.

She said: "I really feel this is really exciting, about having this enormous friend with me, who is now my friend, to such a degree I feel like a shield, like I've got a shield of protection, because it feels like it's definitely there to say, 'We got this'.'

Sarah had attended a mammogram back in early May and instead of being given the all-clear a "shadow" was discovered in her breast.

A source told Mail on Sunday: "Most people usually associate breast cancer with a lump but that's not always the case.

"A lump can be detected by the patient, but this was a 'shadow', which can go undetected because it's a wider spread of cancerous cells that can be picked up through screening.

"In Sarah's case, a biopsy was taken from the shadowy area of tissue and a few days later the results came back to confirm the diagnosis – breast cancer."