Ron Perlman's response to labor dispute goes viral amidst SAG-AFTRA

Ron Perlman remains mum on SAG-AFTRA strike at LA dinner

By Betty Cruise July 31, 2023
Ron Perlman refuses to comment on SAG-AFTRA strike amid restaurant outing.
Ron Perlman refuses to comment on SAG-AFTRA strike amid restaurant outing.

Ron Perlman chose not to address the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike when approached by the media as he exited the renowned Los Angeles restaurant, Craig's, alongside his wife Allison Dunbar.

The labor dispute has had significant ramifications on the entertainment industry, but Ron seemed to brush off any discussion on the matter, humorously stating, "I have no opinions, everybody knows that."

Weeks earlier, Ron Perlman made waves online with a viral response to a studio executive, who suggested that the strike would persist until people began facing housing and financial struggles.

The Washington Heights native had a fiery reaction to this statement, sending a stern warning in a now-deleted Instagram video.

When pressed by a photographer at Craig's, the Beauty and the Beast star seemed uninterested in further engagement, quipping, "You're not still fing here, are you? It's Saturday fing night, I'm on strike."

As the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike continues to dominate headlines, Ron Perlman's strong retort to the studio executive has only added to the attention on the labor dispute.

Ron Perlman made a bold statement amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike as the union officially joined the Writers Guild of America picketers for the first time in six decades.

 The actor responded to an anonymous executive's comment that the endgame was to prolong the strike until union members faced financial struggles.

In a now-deleted video clip, Ron passionately expressed his outrage at the executive's statement, calling it a "cruel but necessary evil." 

He condemned the notion of wishing financial hardship on union members, emphasizing that there are various ways people can lose their homes, including financial challenges and karma. 

The actor didn't hold back, warning the executive to be careful with such remarks that could ignite further tensions.