July 31, 2023


Gethin Jones flooded with Inappropriate Images, cites need for increased security

Gethin Jones opens up about harrowing stalker ordeal

By Betty Cruise July 31, 2023
Gethin Jones opens up about chilling stalking experience during Blue Peter hosting days.
Gethin Jones opens up about chilling stalking experience during Blue Peter hosting days.

Former Blue Peter host, Gethin Jones, has recently shared the chilling details of a distressing stalker ordeal he endured during his time on the popular children's show from 2005 to 2008. 

The 45-year-old television presenter revealed that he became the target of an obsessive fan whose behaviour left him deeply unsettled.

Jones recounted how the situation took a dark turn, leading him to seek additional security measures for his own safety. 

Despite having security guards in place, he expressed concern that BBC executives may have shielded certain information from him, leaving him unaware of the full extent of the threat he faced.

Speaking on the Rig Biz podcast, Gethin disclosed, "I did have a stalker back in Blue Peter. It was weird to the point where I had some security, which I thought was a lot, but they felt... you know, obviously they knew stuff that I didn’t." 

He went on to describe the experience as "terrifying," highlighting the profound impact it had on his well-being during that troubling period.

Jones revealed the powerful influence of television as a medium, leading some people to believe they know the hosts intimately. 

However, he emphasizes the need for boundaries, acknowledging that not responding to everyone's messages doesn't necessarily indicate offence, but rather a necessary measure for personal safety.

The Morning Live host highlights his vigilance in handling fan mail and online messages, taking steps to provide support to individuals who may be dealing with underlying mental health issues.