Damon Albarn splits from girlfriend Suzi Winstanley after 25 years together

Damon Albarn revealed he released 'his heartbreak record,' The Ballad of Darren in honour of his loss

Damon Albarn splits from girlfriend of 25 years Suzi Winstanley
Damon Albarn splits from girlfriend of 25 years Suzi Winstanley

Damon Albarn is saying goodbye to his longtime love.

The Blur frontman has reportedly called it quits with his partner of 25-year Suzi Winstanley, according to the Daily Mail.

As per their friends, Winstanley is "absolutely devastated" by the split and has immediately decided to move out of their Notting Hill home.

Albarn and Winstanley are parents to a 23-year-old daughter Missy together.

"Even though they have been living in the showbiz bubble where so many couples struggle, they had been together for a very long time," the pal told the outlet. "It is a really sad time for everyone involved."

It’s unclear how long the couple has been separated as Winstanley supported Albarn at the British Summer Time festival earlier this month as he played with his band Blur.

In an interview with French magazine Paris Match, however, the singer opened up about going through a tough time since last year.

"The last few months, the last year has not been easy," he told the publication in the wake of the band’s new album, The Ballad of Darren. "But the music allows me to bring all that out. It’s the only way I know of to overcome these kind of events. And it’s cheaper than therapy."

Reflecting on the record that talks about love, breakup, loss, and pain, Damon said it’s linked to his personal life, which he deemed "complicated."

"It’s emotional. Loses in many forms have played a big part of my life recently. I do believe you carry all the people you lose and the nature of how you lose them is something you carry with you as well. It’s a heartbreak record," he shared.