Alix Earle responds to backlash for on-screen kiss with teen

Alix Earle defends kissing scene with young co-star

By Madison Raymond July 30, 2023
Alix Earle has seen the concerns about her weekend hookup.
Alix Earle has seen the concerns about her weekend hookup.

Alix Earle found herself in the spotlight as concerns arose over her recent weekend hookup. 

In response to the allegations that she kissed a minor, Alix addressed the situation on Thursday, asserting that she was unaware of his true age, which was revealed to be 17 years old.

Taking to TikTok, Alix responded to a comment suggesting she was preparing for her senior prom by stating, "I found out about this the same time you guys did."

She continued to defend herself through subsequent videos, expressing her astonishment at the situation and urging users to get their jokes out, as many had been spamming her comments with references to the number "17."

Adding to the controversy, on July 24th, popular entertainment account Deux Moi shared several submissions from people claiming that Alix had cheated on her athlete beau, Braxton Berrios, who plays as a receiver for the Miami Dolphins. 

The tips allegedly originated from screenshots posted on Reddit, showing Alix at a club alongside Sebastian de Felice, the grandson of renowned fashion designer Donna Karan of DKNY. 

A Reddit user claimed that they witnessed the two passionately making out during the outing.

One follower of Deux Moi claimed that Alix Earle and Sebastian de Felice left the club together, sparking further speculation about the nature of their encounter. 

When asked directly if Alix had cheated on her partner Braxton with Sebastian, Deux Moi cautiously responded with the word "Allegedly," neither confirming nor denying the allegations.

However, the situation took a twist when reports surfaced indicating that Sebastian de Felice was allegedly 17 years old at the time of the hookup with Alix. 

This revelation triggered a strong backlash from internet users, with many expressing the opinion that it is an adult's responsibility to verify the age of someone they are engaging with, particularly if that person appears older than their actual age. 

Some individuals defended Alix, pointing out that they reportedly met at a promotional event for a tequila brand and that Sebastian was able to get into the club where they were seen kissing, implying that Alix may have reasonably assumed he was at least 21 years old.