July 30, 2023


Andrew Tate claims he's being 'punished' for 'teaching young men to be strong'

Andrew Tate launched the first issue of his comic book series earlier this week

By Jean Valjean July 30, 2023
Andrew Tate claims hes being punished for teaching young men to be strong
Andrew Tate claims he's being 'punished' for 'teaching young men to be strong'

Andrew Tate has rolled out a new business venture (much less shady this time) for his fans and followers.

The disgraced internet personality announced that he will be releasing a comic book series on himself and even launched the first issue of the series titled, Top G: Breaking Illusions.

The autobiographical book is available to buy at a staggering $97 dollars, featuring a story about him "fighting against the forces of the Matrix and corporate tyranny."

On the former kickboxer’s official website, the synopsis read: "They don’t want you to know the truth – they want you living in a mental cage, chained by a weak mindset. I became the superhero of the youth by telling the truth and teaching young men to be strong. And now I am being punished for it, in real-time. These stories reflect the harsh truths of the Matrix, how I escaped it, and what I predict they will try next."

He also claimed to be "passing on some of my most vital life lessons through these powerful stories."

The former inmate has had a dramatic beginning to 2023 after he was taken into custody along with his brother Tristan Tate and two other female accomplices in Romania on Dec 31.

While serving a potential sentence on charges of rape, human trafficking, and suspicion of forming an organized crime group, Andrew Tate suffered a health crisis after a dark tumour-like lesion was spotted in his lungs.

Tate and co. were ultimately released on house arrest in April, before being indicted by the Romanian court over the aforementioned charges only two months later.

They will now be presented before a judge for an indefinite trial.