July 29, 2023


Kanye West's Twitter account returns in style

Kanye West's Twitter fate remains uncertain after Trump's account reinstatement

By Ellen James July 29, 2023
Kanye Wests Twitter account restored by Elon Musk
Kanye West's Twitter account restored by Elon Musk

Twitter lifts ban on Kanye West's account, but Elon Musk warns him over rule violations. Fans celebrate his comeback!

Kanye West, now known as Ye, had a rollercoaster ride on Twitter as his account was reinstated in October, only to be suspended again in December 2022. 

The suspension came shortly after Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, cited violations of the platform's rules against incitement to violence.

The initial suspension had occurred earlier in the year due to a controversial post that appeared to display a swastika symbol within a Star of David. 

Musk welcomed Ye back to the platform in October, marking his return to social media.

Despite efforts to comply with the rules, Ye's account faced another setback when Musk announced the latest suspension in response to a Twitter user's plea to "Elon Fix Kanye Please." 

As a self-proclaimed free speech absolutist, Musk has expressed a desire for fewer restrictions on content posted on Twitter. 

Notably, he recently announced a "general amnesty" for some suspended accounts.

Last year, Twitter made headlines by reinstating several previously suspended accounts, including that of former U.S. President Donald Trump. 

Ye, took to Trump's new platform, Truth Social, to share a screenshot indicating that his Twitter account would be suspended for a duration of 12 hours. 

While the specific reasons behind the potential suspension were not immediately disclosed, Ye's tweet hinted at a potential issue with Twitter's policies.