Travis Scott's lawyer raises questions over Houston police report

Travis Scott's legal team denies coincidence in Astroworld report release

By Betty Cruise July 29, 2023
Travis Scotts Utopia release overshadowed by Houston police report.
Travis Scott's Utopia release overshadowed by Houston police report.

Travis Scott's lawyer, Kent Schaeffer, conveyed to TMZ his belief that the HPD's decision to release the report on the same day as the Utopia album launch was not merely coincidental. 

He posited a two-fold motive behind the timing, suspecting that it aimed to negatively impact Utopia's album sales and divert attention from potential questions regarding the law enforcement's actions surrounding the tragedy.

According to Travis Scott's legal team, the HPD report's publication alongside the Utopia album launch was viewed as a tactic to discredit the artist and his team, raising doubts about their handling of the unfortunate events at Astroworld. 

The rep emphasized Travis Scott's commitment to the safety and well-being of his audience, citing that he actively stopped the show three times during the event.

The Astroworld tragedy, which occurred on November 5, 2021, saw ten lives tragically lost and more than a dozen individuals hospitalized, with hundreds more injured amidst the 50,000-strong crowd at NRG Stadium.

The 1,266-page report shed light on the details of the horrific incident, prompting questions about accountability and safety measures.

One such allegation came from a security guard who claimed to have tried to halt the show during Drake's performance, but was told to let it continue until Drake finished his set. 

Travis Scott's lawyer, Schaeffer, refuted this claim, stating that injuries had occurred before Drake took the stage, and no one brought the matter to Travis Scott's attention. 

Additionally, he contended that the police could have intervened earlier to stop the concert.