David and Victoria Beckham 'Absolutely Furious' with Meghan Markle

The end of road for Meghan Markle's bond with Beckhams

By Ellen James July 29, 2023

Beckhams and Sussexes' friendship takes a dramatic turn.

The friendship between the Sussexes and the Beckhams hit rocky ground amid accusations that the couple may have leaked stories about Meghan and Harry. 

The Mail on Sunday has learned that David Beckham was left "absolutely bloody furious" over the accusation, which reportedly came to light during a tense phone call.

The two couples shared a connection through Izzy May, David Beckham's communications director, and Markus Anderson, chief membership officer for Soho House, who facilitated secret dates between Meghan and Harry. 

However, suspicions arose when it was alleged that the Beckhams may have leaked stories about the Sussexes to the media. 

Years ago, before her royal days, Meghan Markle shared her world of "closest friends" through her blog, The Tig. 

The circle included soulmates, showbiz acquaintances, clothes designers, socialites, and charity campaigners. 

Among them were David and Victoria Beckham, who attended Meghan's wedding to Prince Harry in 2018. However, it seems that the friendship has since faded, as evidenced by their absence at each other's significant events. 

Critics have coined the term "Markled" to describe how Meghan swiftly moves on from once-close relationships, similar to her estranged bond with her father, Thomas Markle, after he sold paparazzi pictures in the lead-up to her wedding.

Last year, Meghan and Harry were notably absent from the wedding celebration of David and Victoria's son, Brooklyn, to US heiress Nicola Peltz. 

Similarly, the Sussexes were not present at celebrity event, where David's Inter Miami football team saw Argentina's Lionel Messi making his debut. 

The Duchess now rarely communicates with her childhood best friend, Ninaki Priddy, following an alleged fallout over Meghan's treatment of her first husband, Trevor Engelson. 

Even her stylist Jessica Mulroney, once touted as Meghan's "Best Friend Forever," faced a troubling ordeal in 2020 when she became embroiled in a racism row with a social media influencer.