July 29, 2023


Neelam Gill is dating Leonardo DiCaprio's best friend

Neelam Gill joins Leonardo DiCaprio in Sardinia amid dating rumors

By Ellen James July 29, 2023
Neelam Gill sets record straight, not dating Leonardo DiCaprio.
Neelam Gill sets record straight, not dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to a source reported by MailOnline, Neelam Gill is dating Leonardo DiCaprio's best friend, dispelling any rumors of a romantic involvement between her and the actor. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Neelam Gill were seen enjoying some leisure time on a yacht with friends in Porto Cervo, Sardinia on Friday. 

The pair, who have been the subject of dating speculations for some time, were photographed together at various events in recent months.

The model took to Instagram to dispel the romance speculations on Friday, stating, "Just to clear up any rumors... I am not Leonardo DiCaprio's new flame. 

In fact, I am in a committed relationship with his good friend, and have been for many months now." 

She further explained that the reason they have been seen in proximity is that she was there with her partner. 

Neelam Gill hoped that her statement would put an end to any false stories surrounding her and DiCaprio's relationship.

Neelam looked stunning as she stepped onto the yacht's deck, donning a skimpy blue patterned bikini that showcased her toned figure under the warm sunshine.

Later, she slipped into an open blue button-up shirt and shielded her eyes with black sunglasses. 

Meanwhile, Leo relaxed in the shade, engaged in conversation with Neelam and a group of friends while enjoying drinks indoors shirtless.

During their Italian trip, she took a refreshing dip in the sea, once again highlighting her incredible physique. 

Prior to this excursion, Leonardo DiCaprio had attended Sir Mick Jagger's 80th birthday party in London on Wednesday.