Jackie Chan's Luo Feng in 'Hidden Strike' - Closer look at his fate

Jackie Chan and John Cena's 'Hidden Strike' faces disappointment among viewers

By Ellen James July 29, 2023
Hidden Strike falls short of expectations despite starring Jackie Chan and John Cena.
'Hidden Strike' falls short of expectations despite starring Jackie Chan and John Cena.

Director Scott Waugh had a unique opportunity to showcase the exceptional talents of two iconic stars, Jackie Chan and John Cena, in his latest film Hidden Strike.

However, despite the potential for a remarkable pairing, the impact fell short of expectations. 

The film's predictable storyline, penned by Arash Amel, lacked depth in character development and failed to present any significant challenges for the protagonists.

Hidden Strike appeared to hold promise with the intriguing combination of Jackie Chan and John Cena, who coincidentally share the same initials. 

Initially, there were hints of a potential clash between the two actors, but the screenplay ensured a straightforward narrative without delving into complex character arcs or dilemmas for them to confront. 

As a result, the movie heavily relied on action sequences, with Jackie and John attempting to elevate the film through their undeniable charm and entertaining performances.

Viewers found themselves being carried along from one action scene to another, with limited opportunities to emotionally invest in the characters or their journey.

Jackie has solidified his legendary status with iconic films like The Legend of the Drunken Master and Rush Hour. 

On the other hand, John Cena successfully transitioned from his WWE background to the world of movies, delivering commendable performances in works such as Trainwreck and The Suicide Squad. 

In the present age of culturally diverse films becoming the norm, the shortcomings in the writing of  have left some viewers disappointed.

Luo Feng, a former military man, exudes confidence and reassurance, giving the workers hope that he can successfully rescue them all and lead them to safety in a refuge known as the 'Green Zone.' 

However, when Luo Feng proposes taking the perilous route called the 'Highway to Death,' doubts and concerns begin to emerge among the group.