Dua Lipa gives perfect summer nails cue with minimal manicure look

Dua Lipa's minimalist yet fashion-seeze manicure will definitely be a new summer essential

Dua Lipa gives perfect summer nails cue with minimal manicure look

Dua Lipa gives perfect summer nails cue with minimal manicure look

Dua Lipa was cast as Mermaid Barbie in Greta Gerwig's Barbie, which makes sense given that the singer spends nearly every vacation at the beach. Her micro French manicure is immediately making its way to our vacation mood boards as she's now doing some R&R in Albania, where her family is from.

Lipa published a carousel of images from her vacation on July 27. The singer wore a black little dress with white straps, pockets, and gold buttons, and paired them with tan gladiator slides. 

Since stacking jewellery has a long tradition, Lipa donned a variety of gold and diamond hoops on each ear, gold rings, a gold watch, as well as a gold and diamond tennis bracelet this time. She completed her look with natural sea waves in her hair and a makeup-free glow.

Her micro French manicure wonderfully suited her style, which precisely conveyed quiet elegance. Her nails were medium-length squares with a foundation that was creamy and nude in colour. Her French manicure looks like her natural nails, simply enhanced, in keeping with the current naked nail style. 

Her white tiny French tips follow the curvature of nail growth rather than the flatness of a square nail edge. We're excited to see how Lipa plays with the traditional manicure style moving forward after recently sporting a pink French manicure to the Barbie premiere.

How to achieve Dua Lipa's French manicure at home?

If you want Lipa's baby French nails, it's shockingly simple to give yourself a home manicure. 

Prepare your cuticles, file and buff your nails, and then use a base coat that fills in ridges. Apply milky nail polish in thin layers, waiting a few minutes between each coat, for a manicure that is chip-free and durable. Use a fine nail art brush to create a smiling line close to the edge of your nail once your milky foundation has completely dried. 

Then, using white nail polish, fill in the micro-tip, making sure to seal the free edge. Apply a high-shine top coat to finish things off after your micro tips have totally dried.