July 28, 2023


'Nasty' Ariana Grande branded 'home-wrecker' after Ethan Slater affair rumours

Ethan Slater's ex-wife Lilly Jay broke silence on the speculations earlier today

By Ellen James July 28, 2023
Nasty Ariana Grande branded home wrecker after Ethan Slater affair rumors
'Nasty' Ariana Grande branded 'home wrecker' after Ethan Slater affair rumors

Internet rallied in support of Ethan Slater’s ex-wife Lilly Jay after she spoke out on the actor’s affair with Ariana Grande.

Earlier today, Jay broke her silence on the rumours of romance between the Wicked co-stars, shortly after Slater filed for divorce from her.

Speaking to Page Six, she said: "[Ariana’s] the story really. Not a girl’s girl. My family is just collateral damage."

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Lilly shared she is "focused on rebuilding a life for our son and rebuilding a life for him."

Sources close to the former couple also told the outlet that the Thank u, next singer not only hung out with them "many times," but also "met their baby and even held him."

According to the insider, Lilly discovered the affair between Ethan and Ariana in April of this year and upon confrontation, the Broadway star promised to try and make their marriage work.

However, he continued his romance with the singer behind the back of his baby mama.

As the ugly details of the affair continue to pour in, Ariana Grande is seen by the internet in a different light.

"she was hanging out with them as a couple, congratulating them on milestones as a couple, and liking their pictures. yeah… i would not leave her in the room with a man of mine alone lmao," wrote a user on Twitter.

"this is especially crazy with the way ariana rebranded herself as this super sweet and down to earth and mature woman over the past few years and then she turns around does this?," another expressed.

"befriending a pregnant woman with intentions to snatch their husband is a new level of nasty," a third claimed.

For the unversed, Grande has reportedly been separated from her own husband of two years, Dalton Gomez since January.