July 24, 2023


Will.i.am raves latest collab with Britney Spears: 'Mind Your Business'

Will.i.am marks another partnership, says 'will make myself available to her'

By George Johnson July 24, 2023
Will.i.am praises Britney Spears as amazing human and is willing to collaborate again.
Will.i.am praises Britney Spears as amazing human and is willing to collaborate again.

In a recent interview with Variety, Will.i.am, a member of the Black Eyed Peas, expressed his admiration for Britney Spears and their successful musical partnership. 

Following the release of their latest collaboration, Mind Your Business, on July 21, the renowned artist gushed about his fondness for the 41-year-old Circus singer.

The duo's working relationship has thrived, with Mind Your Business marking their third joint effort. 

Their previous hit collaborations, Work, B***h and Scream & Shout, have also garnered acclaim from fans worldwide. 

Will.i.am was effusive in his praise for Britney, calling her a "darling to work with" and emphasizing her talent as an artist.

When asked about the possibility of future collaborations, the talented musician left no room for doubt, stating, "Whatever, however and whenever, Britney, I am there for her." 

Clearly, Will.i.am's respect and admiration for Britney Spears extend beyond the studio, as he expressed his support and availability to work with her in the future.

He fondly reminisced about the moment he became a huge fan of Britney, attributing it to her iconic track Toxic, which had a profound influence on his songwriting and artistic approach. 

The infectious rhythm of the song even inspired him to create the intro for the Black Eyed Peas' hit Don't Phunk with My Heart.

Will.i.am admitted that he still studies Toxic for its impeccable structure and how flawlessly Britney performs it, cementing his status as an "ultra-fan."

Moreover, the Black Eyed Peas member shared exciting news about Britney's music journey. 

He revealed that she is brimming with inspiration and eagerness to create new music. Will.i.am attested that if Britney were to step into the recording studio at this moment, the impact would be nothing short of earth-shattering.