July 21, 2023


Listen: Britney Spears, Will.i.am drop new song Mind Your Business

Britney Spears and Will.I.Am teased fans about anticipated collaboration on social media

By Ellen James July 21, 2023
Listen: Britney Spears, Will.i.am collabration song Mind Your Business is out now

Listen: Britney Spears, Will.i.am collabration song Mind Your Business is out now

The lyrics to Britney Spears and Will.i.am's epic new song are now available for Scream & Shout fans.

Mind Your Business was published on Friday by the pop diva, 41, and the Black Eyed Peas leader, 48.

Listen to Mind Your Business:

On the song Big Fat Bass, which was included in Britney Spears' 2011 album Femme Fatal, the stars previously worked together. The executive producer credit for the Boom Boom Pow singer's 2013 album Britney Jean is also listed. Spears made an appearance on Will.i.am's popular song Scream & Shout that same year.

The singer of Pump It hinted at the pairing earlier this week on social media.

"Uh oh!!! This summer is about to be hot!!!" he captioned the Instagram post, which featured a text-only video with brief audio teasing the song.

You can hear Will.i.am saying, "You are now rocking with Will.i.am and," and the Womaniser singer joining in to exclaim, "Britney bitch." in the recording. In addition, she says, "Mind your business, bitch."

Spears sings the words "Mind your business, bitch" repeatedly throughout the track, which has an electronic beat resembling Will.i.am's music. Lyrics by Will.i.am mention someone monitoring Spears too closely for her comfort.

"Where she at, where she at, where she at?" Will.i.am raps, singing in the voice of those keeping tabs on Spears. "There she go, there she go, there she go. What she do, what she do, what she do? Too much watchy, watchy... Watching me... Watching, watching you."