July 09, 2023


Is this Zayn Malik's mystery woman? buzzing theories

Zayn Malik shares intimate snap with stunning blonde

By Jean Valjean July 09, 2023
Zayn Maliks mysterious blonde companion ignites fan frenzy with intimate photo.
Zayn Malik's mysterious blonde companion ignites fan frenzy with intimate photo.

Zayn Malik sent his fans into a frenzy last Friday when he shared an intimate photo of himself with a mysterious blonde woman. 

In a black and white snapshot, the former One Direction heartthrob can be seen in a close embrace with the unidentified woman, who keeps her face hidden. 

However, her long blonde locks and impeccably manicured nails are visible, providing fans with tantalizing clues to unravel her identity.

Unable to contain their excitement, fans flooded the comments section with their theories, with many speculating that the mystery woman could be none other than Selena Gomez. 

Zayn Malik sparks speculation with cosy photo.
Zayn Malik sparks speculation with cosy photo.

Fueling the speculation, Gomez had recently posted pictures of herself donning a blonde wig and sporting red nails, leading fans to connect the dots and link her to the photo shared by Malik.

One fan wrote, "Why do I feel like that's Selena?" while another chimed in with, "This is just speculation, but Selena was in Paris at the same time as Zayn. 

"When she was there, she was blonde with red nails. Selena, is that you?" A third fan even took the initiative to search for pictures of Selena's hands to see if they matched the ones in the photo.

As the rumour mill continues to churn, the speculation surrounding Selena Gomez being Zayn Malik's mystery woman has reached a fever pitch. 

Speculation arises over Malik's mystery blonde companion as fans question if it's for a music video, not a new relationship, citing his recent focus on promoting his music. 

Zayn, known for his private personal life, previously dated Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid, with whom he shares a daughter. 

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez recently showcased her blonde hair during her trip to Paris and teased an upcoming film project, reigniting rumours surrounding her connection with Zayn.