Did Selena Gomez influence Jocelyn's in 'The Idol'? fans spot

Fans joke about series being The Weeknd's Selena Gomez fanfiction

By Melanie Aiden July 03, 2023
The Idol dubbed as The Weeknds Selena Gomez fanfic.
 'The Idol' dubbed as The Weeknd's Selena Gomez fanfic.

The Idol, co-created by Euphoria's Sam Levinson and music sensation The Weeknd, has sparked intense debates and garnered heavy criticism since its release earlier this month. 

However, amidst the heated discussions, an unexpected theory has emerged, suggesting that the show's storyline bears a resemblance to the real-life experiences of none other than pop star Selena Gomez. 

Fans have taken to social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, where thousands of posts have surfaced, drawing intriguing parallels between them.

Comparing 'The Idol's' Joss and Selena: Similarities

1. Parallel Beginnings:

Both Joss and Selena Gomez started their journeys as kid actors on successful children's shows. Selena gained recognition for her breakout role as Alex Russo on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place, while Joss's past acting gig, although unnamed, plays a crucial role in her origin story.

2. Complex Mother-Daughter Relationships:

Both have experienced challenging relationships with their mothers, although with different dynamics. 

While Joss's relationship with her mother turns abusive, Selena's experiences have seen ups and downs. 

Selena's mother expressed disapproval of her daughter's romantic involvement with Justin Bieber and her working relationship with director Woody Allen, emphasizing Selena's autonomy in decision-making.

3. Battling Personal Struggles:

Selena Gomez has been open about her struggles with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, which led to the cancellation of the remaining months of her Revival world tour in 2016. 

Similarly, Joss, in the first episode of The Idol, reveals that she cancelled her own world tour due to the passing of her mother, intending to make a comeback throughout the series.

4. Controversial Comeback Moments:

Selena's return following her tour cancellation included the music video for her song Bad Liar, which sparked controversy with shots of her rolling around a bed wearing a hospital bracelet. 

Similarly, Joss poses for a provocative comeback cover story wearing lingerie and a hospital bracelet, adding intrigue and drawing attention to her character's resurgence.

5. Heartbreaking Moments and Promises:

A heart-wrenching scene in The Idol involves Tedros manipulating Joss into starting a live video where she opens up to her fans about the challenges in her life.

Joss speaks about harmful media headlines and promises not to let past trauma define her future. 

Interestingly, fans have juxtaposed this scene with a past Instagram Live by Selena, where she expresses fear over media speculation and vows to be the best version of herself moving forward. 

6. Supportive Best Friends and Personal Assistants:

Joss and Selena both rely on a best friend who also serves as their personal assistant. Joss has Leia, while Selena has her close friend Theresa Mingus.

7. Tedros' Disapproval and Collaborative Ventures:

Tedros openly expresses his dislike for Joss's assistant, Leia, insinuating that she may be taking advantage of the star. 

This animosity arises after learning that Leia and Joss are collaborating on a joint business venture. 

Similarly, in a less malicious vein, Selena regularly collaborates with her best friend Theresa's swimwear line, La Mariette, by promoting the brand through photoshoots and Instagram posts.