June 06, 2023


The Weeknd's terrible acting skills on 'The Idol,' get mocked

The Weeknd's performance falls flat as 'himself' in Uncut Gems

By Ellen James June 06, 2023
The Weeknds poor acting skills on The Idol, under scrutiny.
The Weeknd's poor acting skills on 'The Idol,' under scrutiny. 

The Weeknd takes on the role of Tedros, a character described as a Svengali with a questionable personality and devoid of a heart of gold.

Whispering the words, "Welcome to my little shithole," The Weeknd's performance raises doubts among viewers.

By the time Abel Tesfaye makes his appearance on the series, the protagonist — who is a character resembling Britney Spears — has already endured the loss of her mother plus ticket sales, and is now going through a potential mental breakdown along with a scandalous social media incident.

While the dialogue briefly touches upon arguments regarding the technical definition of "bukkake," it is The Weeknd's overall acting skills that have come under scrutiny.

"Sad Canadian" is used as a playful nod to Tesfaye's nationality, which has no derogatory intent as the writer shares familial connections to Canada.

The opening lines of the character, where he utters the phrase, "You fit perfectly in my arms," lack the desired impact, leaving Tesfaye's performance feeling lackluster.

Instead of exuding the edginess associated with a bad boy, Tedros comes across as just another LA individual seeking a casual encounter.

Following their initial meeting, Depp retreats to his residence and indulges in an intimate moment of self-pleasure.

However, it is essential to clarify that such an action does not align with any original train of thought or inclination.

The attempt to create symbolism through Tedros opening a slit in a red hoodie over Jocelyn's mouth, evoking imagery from Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf, does little to elevate the impact of the scene.