June 05, 2023


Princess Charlotte 'wiped' hand after handshake

Princess Charlotte's appearance seemingly raised questions after the royal was seen wiping her hands after a handshake

By Melanie Aiden June 05, 2023

Princess Charlotte will reportedly lean on her mother in learning royal etiquette 

Princess Charlotte was caught seemingly wiping her hand in discomfort after the little one shook hands while out for a public appearance.

According to body language expert Judi James, Princess Charlotte’s move to wipe her hand, after shaking SportsAid CEO Tim Lawler’s hand at the Commonwealth Games in 2022, was one that was normal for eight-year-old.

She told Express: "If we relate this to adult behaviour it looks very much as though Charlotte is wiping her hand behind her back after shaking with someone who might, understandably, have suffered from sweaty palms.

"However this is more of a child’s gesture than an adult one," the body language expert suggested.

Speaking about the little one's mother Kate Middleton,  James stated that Charlotte will  continue to learn under her mother's guidance. 

She explained: "Charlotte’s role model for royal etiquette is clearly her mother and Kate would never wipe her hands after shaking.

"So this does seem to be a spontaneous ritual that would make sense for children.

"Children offer their hand for a shake and then once the shake is over they push it shyly behind their back before the next shake.

"This is a young royal being inducted into the complex business of getting the meet and greets right and so some initial hesitancy or shyness would be natural."