June 05, 2023

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Disney looks to relaunch Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney CEO Sean Bailey has revealed that Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean is being prioritised

By Betty Cruise June 05, 2023
Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depps return is also being questioned
Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp's return is also being questioned 

Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Production, has revealed that the studio's long-running franchise Pirates of the Caribbean is in the process of being restarted.

Speaking to New York Times, Bailey revealed that Disney has been prioritising the revival of the Pirates franchise but insisted that nothing has been given the official green signal.

Referring to the potential reboot, the producer stated that an "exciting story" is in the works, one which fans would appreciate.

"We think we have a really good, exciting story that honors the films that have come before but also has something new to say," he said. 

When questioned over Depp’s chance to return as the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, Bailey vaguely responded, "Noncommittal at this point."

As of yet, Depp’s inclusion in the project remains to be seen as Disney has seemingly kept the door ajar for a chance to welcome the actor once again following his electric win in his defamation suit against Amber Heard.

In the latest on the Pirates franchise, it was reported that a separate film starring Margot Robbie was in talks.

Although Robbie herself cast uncertainty over the movie’s existence as a whole, producer Jerry Bruckheimer teased that there is still a possibility, following the production of Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

"I think that that script will come forward at a certain point," Bruckheimer told Collider some time last year. 

"We developed two different stories for Pirates and the other one’s going forward first, so that’s what we’re working on, to try to get that one made."