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'Barbie' Movie’s Barbie Dolls are OUT!

'Barbie' Movie Dolls are of uncanny resemblance, specially Ken

By Madison Raymond June 04, 2023
Barbie Movie’s Barbie Dolls are OUT!
'Barbie' Movie’s Barbie Dolls are OUT!

'Barbie' Movie’s Dolls just came out into reality.

With the introduction of a new line of dolls modelled by the performers in the film, you can now own a piece of the eagerly awaited Barbie movie.

Barbie, Ken, and Gloria are all played by Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, America Ferrera, and Issa Rae in the movie, which will be released on 21 July. On June 1, Mattel, the company behind the legendary blonde bombshell, announced a new line of dolls based on these actors.

With four doll versions of herself, Robbie has the most; Gosling has two; Liu, Ferrera, and Rae each have one; and all of the plastic mini-mes are dressed in clothing that are exact replicas of those worn by their on-screen counterparts. The dolls also come with a few additional outfits they can switch into and a play version of the vehicle Barbie uses in the movie.

Much like Gosling's character in the film, his Ken dolls are already generating buzz. The clothing his character's dolls are sporting, including monogrammed knickers, have fans online chatting nonstop!