Prince William, Kate Middleton's may 'collide' with Firm over 'devotion to family'

Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly have plans for their family but could be at odds with the Firm over them

Prince William and Kate Middleton's move to prioritise their family could come at an unexpected cost 

Prince William and Kate Middleton could express their "devotion to their family" through King Charles III’s "big plans".

Royal expert Daniela Elser, while writing in a piece for, spoke about the increasing "pressure" on the Prince and Princess of Wales after King Charles II’s new role as monarch.

Elser wrote: "The expectation and pressure on them to fly the flag on behalf of King Charles around the world is only going to ramp up, like it or not."

She added that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will find themselves separated from their family and children due to their newfound responsibilities.

Elser continued: "On the other hand, they are a couple with young children at home, with homework to do and sports kit to go in the dryer."

Despite this, the expert noted that the couple have consistently remained present in their new roles, which they have since been upgraded to following the Coronation of King Charles.

"Still, William and Kate are clearly intent on being present in their kidlet’s daily lives in a way that no future King and Queen ever, ever have before."

However, Prince William and Kate’s new busy life may reportedly come with its own set of issues as the monarch may look into having the couple "jet off with increasing frequency" in the coming years.

Elser stated that the pair’s "devotion to their family" could prove to be troublesome as it could come in conflict with the firm’s plans.

She wrote: "However, that devotion to their family is about to collide with the fact that both Charles and the government are going to need them to jet off with increasing frequency in the years to come."