June 03, 2023

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Vin Diesel blames Jason Momoa for Fast X bad reviews

Vin Diesel thinks Jason Momoa did over acting in Fast X and hence movie garnered bad reviews

By Jean Valjean June 03, 2023
Vin Diesel blames Jason Momoa for Fast X bad reviews
Vin Diesel blames Jason Momoa for Fast X bad reviews

Vin Diesel is accusing Jason Momoa's performance in the newest Fast & Furious movie for the movie's poor reviews as per reported by Radar Online.

Fast X, a picture that cost an astounding $340 million to produce, was released by Universal on May 19 to dreadful reviews that called the movie "convoluted," "congested," and "predictably ridiculous."

Despite the fact that Jason is one of the few aspects of the movie that critics have praised, sources have revealed that a desperate Diesel—who also produced the movie and famously feuded for years with another heavyweight co-star Dwayne The Rock Johnson—is throwing Momoa under the bus because he is unable to accept that he might have contributed to the negative reviews.

“Vin is embarrassed Jason is being branded the only bright spot in the film and stealing his thunder in the franchise he built himself,” said a source.

Insiders claim that the strongman has been telling pals that Jason's "overacting" and "scene-stealing" harmed his film, which opened to a strong box office despite receiving a meagre 57 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In order to play the flamboyant villain Dante, Vin apparently already gave his new co-star, who joined the franchise for an estimated $5 million salary, the evil eye. According to sources, Jason is aware of Vin's disparaging remarks.

“Jason knows he’s the flavor of the moment and Vin’s jealous of him,” said a source. “But he doesn’t appreciate Vin trying to poison the public against him. This has the potential to be Hollywood’s next biggest feud.”

As we previously mentioned, Vin and The Rock got into a heated argument after bumping heads on set.

The Rock will make a surprise appearance in the series after taking a break to work on other projects, it was revealed earlier this month.

According to sources, considering the amount of the Game of Thrones actor's salaries, Jason is a "convenient target" for Vin.

“People shouldn’t be fooled,” said a source. “Fast X was Vin’s baby and he should go down with the ship!”