Oops! Ant McPartlin's 'SLIP' steals Britain's Got Talent Semi-Final

Ant McPartlin slips onstage during live Britain's Got Talent performance

By Samantha David May 30, 2023
Ant McPartlin slips onstage during live Britains Got Talent performance.
Ant McPartlin slips onstage during live Britain's Got Talent performance.

Semi-final of Britain's Got Talent commenced on Monday night, and it was not without its share of unexpected moments. 

Hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly set the stage for the evening by introducing the esteemed panel of judges, including Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli. 

However, the start of the show took an unexpected turn when Ant McPartlin accidentally slipped on stage.

The conclusion of the performance by dance troupe leader Ashley Banjo took an unexpected turn when Ant and Dec rushed forward to join him on stage. 

As Ant made his approach, a comical incident occurred as his feet unexpectedly slipped from under him, resulting in a humorous and unexpected entrance. 

The judges couldn't contain their laughter, finding the situation highly amusing.

Amanda Holden playfully inquired about Ant's well-being, asking about the condition of his coccyx, the tailbone. 

He replied: 'I wet myself and farted at the same time!'

Ant reassured her that he was unharmed, prompting a witty response from Simon Cowell, who humorously commented that it was the comedy duo's finest entrance to date.

Taking advantage of the break, Dec took the opportunity to replay the moment of the fall in slow-motion, eliciting a mixed reaction from Ant, who appeared to be less than thrilled by the playback. 

Injecting humor into the situation, Ant jokingly remarked, "I'm making a claim! That was a very slippy stage." Dec playfully responded, "You better lawyer up." 

Social media platforms buzzed with reactions from viewers who couldn't resist sharing their thoughts and laughter over the unexpected moment. 

One Twitter user jokingly remarked, "Ant just hit the Dec," cleverly referencing the collision between the comedy duo.