May 28, 2023


Kate Middleton lauded for 'warm' gesture for Camilla

Kate Middleton was seen acknowledging Camilla's elevated status as Queen Consort with a thoughtful gesture

By Betty Cruise May 28, 2023

Kate Middleton was lauded for her role as "royal peacemaker" 

Kate Middleton was praised for her "warm" gesture towards her step-mother-in-law Camilla.

In an interview with Express, body language expert Judi James spoke fondly of the Princess of Wales' move to curtsy to King Charles as well as Camilla, when arriving at the Coronation Concert. 

Even though Prince William and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte did not follow the gesture, the Princess of Wales was lauded for acknowledging Camilla's elevated status as Queen Consort.

"This is a unique example of selective bowing, where William, Charlotte and George opt to not bow or curtsy to Camilla in keeping with protocol, but Kate drops a deep curtsy to both Charles and Camilla.

As per royal protocol, the Queen Consort has more seniority than the Waleses however, it is possible that the Duke of Cambridge may have already paid his respects when the cameras were not rolling.

"It looks like an appeasement gesture after Camilla has been elevated to the role of Queen."

"Kate engages Camilla in some eye contact and a warm smile before dropping into a curtsy that she might not have performed before the Coronation.

"There must have been a sense of awareness of Camilla’s new role and status and we can see the Duke of Gloucester dropping his head before Kate makes a similar gesture.

"Kate smiles at Camilla here before curtsying and it appears that she is still in the role of royal peace-maker here."