Lionsgate Studio announces 'John Wick 5' is coming

John Wick 4 amassed box office revenue of $429M worldwide

By George Johnson May 27, 2023
Keanu Reeves John Wick 5 is confirmed,
Keanu Reeves 'John Wick 5' is confirmed,

John Wick's saga continues to thrive with the confirmation of a fifth installment in the beloved franchise.

Lionsgate's motion picture group, helmed by the esteemed Joe Drake, unveiled exciting plans during a recent earnings call, announcing that the iconic assassin portrayed by Keanu Reeves would make his triumphant return to the big screen in the not-so-distant future.

With the franchise already surpassing the remarkable milestone of $1 billion in box office revenue, Joe Drake emphasized the studio's commitment to further expanding the John Wick universe.

Drake revealed that the first spinoff, titled Ballerina, is set to hit the screens next year, delving into the captivating backstory of a mysterious female assassin. 

Beyond that, the studio is actively developing three other projects, including the highly anticipated John Wick 5, which promises to deliver another adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience. 

In addition to the film franchise, Drake also confirmed that a television series set within the John Wick universe is in the works, adding yet another layer of excitement for fans.

Exciting news for both gamers and moviegoers alike: a highly anticipated ‘AAA video game’ set in the thrilling universe of the John Wick film franchise is officially in the works.

The  revelation comes just two months after the premiere of John Wick: Chapter Four, which further solidified the franchise's status as a powerhouse in the action genre.

John Wick: Chapter Four focused on the enigmatic hitman played by the incomparable Keanu Reeves, taking audiences on a relentless journey of vengeance against the formidable High Table.